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Stump Grinding Sydney

Stump Grinding After Tree Removal

Once any unwanted trees have been removed from your yard, many forget that there still may be part of the tree remaining underground away from sight. If a trees stump is not removed in time, it can begin to rot making it a desirable home for termites and other pests.

Many people think that if they remove a tree to just below ground level, then the remaining stump can be buried and forgotten about without worries. However, this is not always the case. Some species of trees regrow from any remaining roof material which may be buried in the ground.

If you initially chose to remove the tree to facilitate a construction project, leaving the root ball behind can prove to be a costly mistake further down the track. It can also get in the way of future paving, construction or landscaping plans, as well as prove to be a tripping hazard for adults and children alike.

At Sydney Stump Removal we will ensure that your stumps are removed completely along with all traces of roots. Our work ensures that the tree will not regrow, leaving you with a clear area that is the perfect grounds for landscaping and other home improvement projects.

Professional Stump Grinding Service

Stump removal is a task that should be left to the professionals. Not only does it require expert skills and training, but specialised tools are necessary to remove stumps efficiently and promptly.

At Sydney Stump Removal our professional stump grinding service will help you remove any unwanted stumps situated on your property. We are always conscious to clean the workspace once our work is complete so there’s nothing more for you to do!

We will also ensure that our work is safe for your environment and property, that’s why we do not use any chemicals during the stump removal process.

We also offer mulching and chipping services to go hand in hand with your stump removal service. Organic mulch has numerous benefits for your garden and is a great way to remove of any tree wastage.

We offer our services to cover the Sydney area.

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