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Mulching and Chipping Sydney

Mulching and Chipping for Your Sydney Garden

Stump Removal Sydney provides mulching and chipping services for Sydney residents. Our mulching and chipping services can be added to one of our existing services to assist you in the removal of any unwanted tree debris located on your property. Resulting in organic mulch and a beautifully clean garden and with no more for you to clean up.

We also offer this service separately, to assist you with the removal of any unwanted trees or wood that may be located on your property.

What’s Good About Mulch?

After we mulch your remaining tree debris, you’ll be left with beautiful organic mulch and can be used to improve your gardens look, but also the overall health of your plants.

By evenly distributing mulch around your existing fauna, you can help accelerate plant growth. Mulch also acts as a protective shield against harmful weather conditions such as strong winds and extreme temperatures with its moisture retaining abilities.


Mulching Benefits

There are many advantages to introducing mulch to your garden. Organic mulch will break down over time; this will contribute to improving your soils overall health, increasing chances of growing a lush and healthy garden. Other mulching benefits:

  • Reduce the amount of water loss that is caused by the wind
  • Retain more moisture
  • Improve the soil’s texture
  • Prevent weeds from growing out plants or trees and complete for their resources
  • Prevent pests from reaching plant roots or the plants themselves
  • Protect plants and trees from extreme temperatures
  • Stimulation of beneficial soil organisms
  • Improve a garden’s aesthetics

Why not improve the health of your garden while eliminating unwanted garden debris?

When is The Best Time to Mulch?

We recommend applying mulch throughout autumn and spring when it is moist and warm enough.

Mulch will give your gardens overall look a neat appearance while assisting the growth of healthy plants and trees.

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